Holly Hunter Berry - Tuesdays
9:30am - 12:30pm
1pm - 4pm
(Adult Class)

Learn to complete an acrylic painting in class working from your photos or sketches. You will work with color, textures, values and composition styles to enhance your work.

Mixed media also used. Theory reinforced as you "find you personal style"!

For more information please contact Holly @ 832-418-0591 or holly@hollyhunterberry.com

Caresse VanPelt - Wednesday
7pm - 9pm
(Adult Class)

Whether you are a beginner- or an experienced hobbyist, you will enjoy attending our weekly classes in a relaxed, fun setting. Each student will learn basic painting techniques that include; flat painting, shading, washes and brush strokes. Various techniques, secrets and tricks that watercolor artists have been using for years will also be taught.

For more information please contact Caresse @ 281-685-8033 or caresse@caressevanpelt.com

Adult Classes